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Senin, 10 Oktober 2016

Z3X Easy JTAG v 2.4 and EMMC Plus tools v 1.0 News

Z3X Easy JTAG v 2.4 and EMMC Plus tools v 1.0 News - I made this blog Gadget Miracles already a few years ago, although I am busy working in my office still build this blog for you who need information about gadgets, has very much information that we provide about the Z3X Easy JTAG v 2.4 and EMMC Plus tools v 1.0 News which you are looking for at this time, please refer to the information we provide in full guarantee because I have collected a lot of information from the source of the richest:

Articles : Z3X Easy JTAG v 2.4 and EMMC Plus tools v 1.0 News
full Link : Z3X Easy JTAG v 2.4 and EMMC Plus tools v 1.0 News
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Z3X Easy JTAG v 2.4 and EMMC Plus tools v 1.0 News

Z3X Easy JTAG v2.4 and EMMC Plus tools v1.0 is finally out! 

MTK Scatter + LG DZ TOT KDZ Direct eMMC Flasher + FRP Reset

The season has just started, so something new and exciting is coming soon. Get ready!

Long time ago we developed an excellent JTAG platform core and hardware.
Our platform was so great and allow add an eMMC functionality by extending just software part.
But time is going fast and our products need to be faster and powerfull than others !
We decided to split tools to EasyJTAG Classic tool + new advanced eMMC Plus ToolBox.
First of all we ready to present really All in all tool called eMMC Plus ToolBox for eMMC repair professionals.
This software will replace plugin functionality for many brands. It’s really multi brand next level tool (wink)

eMMC Plus ToolBox v1.0 ( eMMC Odin/Qualcomm direct and Android Explorer moved there )
MTK Scatter to eMMC Flasher/Reader from eMMC to Scatter ( you asked , we have done! )
LG DZ TOT KDZ Direct eMMC Flasher
Samsung Direct eMMC Flasher /Reader
Qualcomm Direct eMMC Flasher / Reader from eMMC to XML
Android ext2/3/4 FS Explorer - Extractor
Basic eMMC functions toolset like format reset , boot config and CID patch

New functions of EasyJTAG Classic tool
Added universal FRP remove over eMMC connection ( its little tricky but free and universal for any phone with eMMC memory ! )
Added ADB Dumper GUI for fast and easy acquiring a recovery data
Fixed addresses bug in core and API
Fixed log flicker but temporary removed color formatting

New models of phones supported :
FLY IQ4403 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
FLY IQ4404 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
LG E400 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
LG L22C (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
LG LS770 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
LG H845 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung GT-B5330 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung GT-I8258 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung GT-I8200 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung GT-I9228 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung GT-P6200 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung GT-S6802 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung GT-S7500 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung GT-S7562 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-G360T1(Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-G530P (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-G531F (Read/Write/Dump/ ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-G531H (Read/Write/Dump/ ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-G900H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-G900J (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-J100H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-J105H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-J320FN (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-J320P (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-J500H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-T337T (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-Z130H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-Z300H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SHV-E120S (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SGH-T989 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
LG X135_L60I (ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-J200G (ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-J200H (ISP eMMC Pinout)
Samsung SM-J700 (ISP eMMC Pinout)

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This is only warm UP! More surprises on the way! Keep turned )

B.R. Z3X Team

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